Why Wix is Bad for Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to the Wix SEO Haters website. Our agency has been chosen to compete against the "Lovers" in a battle of who will reign supreme atop Google search results. On this website you'll learn about Wix and other platforms. You'll also learn search engine optimization (SEO) tips from our digital marketing and development experts.

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Is Wix Good For SEO

Simple answer, no. While they have certainly made vast improvements with different design elements and their SEO Wiz tool from what they previously were, Wix still lacks a lot of core, fundamental elements that (especially from a technical standpoint) help your website propel to the top of Google search results. They also are notorious for providing bad SEO advice.

To sum things up, Wix gives you the capability to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing and from a pricing standpoint, not many platforms can compete. If you're a small business with little to no marketing budget and you're not concerned with your performance in Google, Wix may be for you. But, if you want to create a successful digital presence that beautifully articulates your brand while driving organic traffic to your website, you should certainly explore other platforms.

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Want to see how well your website performs? Fun fact: Wix's own website doesn't perform well (that says a lot). Insert your URL below and we will email you the results. Not happy with the results? Maybe it's not the right platform for you!

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Why We Chose The "Hater" Life

At Liquid, we develop comprehensive, well-built sites with all the bells and whistles we know platforms such as Wix, simply cannot provide. As SEO experts, we also know that Google and other search engines highly value the end user's experience. While Wix certainly allows you to create aesthetically pleasing websites, they are not built technically sound ‐ ultimately frustrating users.

Wix SEO Competition

As you probably know, we are 1 of 2 agencies competing in the Wix SEO competition. We'll have 6 months to showcase our talents and ultimately prove that other platforms are superior. The winner will receive $25,000 and the loser receives $10,000.

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Wix Reviews

While this site is 5-stars from a technical and on-page SEO perspective, Wix websites come in much lower than that. Read reviews from real Wix website users. Are you a hater, too? Please fill out our contact form with a rating and your response may appear on the site!

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